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Youbin Park

Meet one of our very first and incredibly talented submitters, Youbin Park!

"I usually take inspiration from the emotions that I feel, whether it be in the moment or later down the line. In this case, regret is something that has been hiding in my shadows for a long while. Although it is something I already thought I left behind, some feelings revisit us more than we'd like to see them. Hence why I decided to write about it, and I feel better acknowledging these feelings and turning them into something that I love.

I am a spontaneous writer, and I need that "spark" to come through me before I can work. These inspirations strike at random times, mostly at night, and then I am met with the urge to write until I am satisfied. This usually becomes my rough draft, and after a few days, I will revisit and revise these with fresh eyes.

I have to admit that most of my writing is calibrated around negative emotions and experiences. It honestly hurts to tap back into these experiences, and from the outside, it does look like I keep opening up healing wounds. But for me, instead of chasing those feelings and locking them away, I prefer to embrace them hard. I sit in this well of emotion until it's dried up, at which point all the hurts have transformed into words, and there is nothing for me to dwell on. Then I find it is easier to move on, knowing there are no lingering feelings or leftover thoughts. It is a bit primitive, like cauterizing wounds instead of letting time heal it, but at the end of the day, I am happier with a scar than a bleeding wound."

- Youbin Park

IG : @youbin.park (personal)

IG : (art)

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