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You Gotta Have Faith.

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

As George Michael said, “You gotta have faith.”

I stared at my SAT test and whispered this line to myself as I was confused by the question on the page.

“You gotta have faith.”

I questioned what that meant as the time kept ticking away. What was George Michael saying when he meant that I have to have faith? I mean, what is faith anyway?

I knew I was religious, I believed in God and prayed to Him through everything, but was that different than faith?

In mass, I felt a sense of belonging as I prayed with the congregation, but how was that going to help me now during my SATs? I am not in a church setting, but inside a high school classroom on campus, which I have never even been to before…. so please George Michael help me!

I got to the math portion of the test and felt like crying a river. I knew this was my hardest subject and I certainly did not study enough to remember even simple equations. I held my cross necklace as I always do when anxiety attacks. I felt a warm sensation in my bones. A smile grew across my face as I breathed in and whispered to myself,

“You gotta have faith.”

- Alexis Hernandez

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