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we were not made to regret.

Our minds let us make compare complex decisions leading to our destinies. Some are beneficial; some are not. Life is a duality, with every action having its opposite reaction. This balance makes life fulfilling and regretful.

Humans have hope; humans have regret.

We spend our lives trying to determine why we are alive and what our purposes are. We try and fail; through that failure, we feel regret. Even when we make a rash decision, we cannot help but tell ourselves how horrible we are and begin to regret our choices. Regret ourselves and our hearts. How can we hurt our hearts? We latch onto a regretful feeling and linger in a time freeze. This guilt results from not forgiving ourselves for being who we are. Human.

When I was a little girl, I looked wide-eyed at the world. I couldn’t stop smiling. I had no cares. If I made mistakes and rash decisions, I could brush them off and grow.

Now that I am older, I realize how hard it is to forgive myself for little things. I feel the eyes of judgment. I see prejudice in her eyes. I cannot stare into the mirror.

We are often our most prominent critics and thus regret more about ourselves than others. How can we, with large hearts and unique minds, be so self-critical? How can we live in a duality?

I have no regret, and yet I regret so much.

I must be gentle. You must be gentle. Remember, at our core. We are human.

Let us just be human.

As a child, Alexis Hernandez always wrote songs. She was an award-winning songwriter and dabbled in playwriting, earning a finalist position in the California Young Playwrights Project. Through quarantine, she began writing and found a home in the words she wrote. This artistic medium has become her true passion.

IG: lexhernandez__

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