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Summer: Reflection's Letter From The Editor

Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

To truly know someone is to understand them, and your own self is not an exception. How often do you look at your mindset, behavior, habits, or thoughts and truly make an effort to dissect their reasons for being? At what age did you begin to criticize your body? How did your personality and interests become your personality and interests? When and why did you build walls so high that you don’t even recognize who you are anymore?

Growth is the process of undoing, rebuilding, and refining. Reflection is the very foundation of growth itself. You cannot become the person you want to be until you understand how you became the person that you are.

Reflection can be uncomfortable. It’s never easy to open up old wounds, and it can be even harder to acknowledge where you may have been wrong or hurt someone else. Re-entering the past may almost feel like a punishment, but reflecting on your past may be the very thing that saves your future

The temporary discomfort caused by confronting your history is precisely what will open your eyes to what you must do differently moving forward.

Upon reflection, do you find that you used to gravitate towards a certain type of romantic partner, and it never worked out? Do you have certain behaviors or tendencies that have driven away people you care about? When you answer questions like these, you come one step closer to understanding yourself, and knowing who you are and who you want to be.

Join us in understanding how reflecting on your past choices can alter your path in life, and change your future for the better.

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