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"My response to the prompt: what is something you value about yourself?"

What is something you value about yourself?

This question is extremely uncomfortable for someone like me. Someone who rarely looks beyond my self-hatred and my mile-long list of mistakes that I have yet to forgive myself for. Someone who cannot accept that you can love yourself while acknowledging you have flaws. Someone who demands perfection from herself and rejects any evidence of imperfection.

I sat and stared at my keyboard trying to decide what I could possibly value about myself.

And then I realized, that what I value about myself is that I strive to be better. Yes, I need to give myself a break and learn to forgive myself. Yes, I need to understand that dwelling on my past does not benefit me or anyone else. But what I value about myself is that I know that I am capable of being better. I challenge myself to work on the parts of me that I don’t like, and have the self-awareness to understand where those parts of myself come from.

It’s easy to judge, criticize, or even hate yourself, but it’s not easy to take genuine steps toward who you want to be. And that is what I value about myself.

- Anonymous

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