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Mountains of Faith

Faith is one of the strongest things that there is, I think. Yet in saying that, I realize just how complex that is. As someone who tends to overthink and carry a lot of anxiety around with me, I find that holding onto faith is something that is very important in keeping a balanced state of mind - and I don’t mean that on a religious level at all.

When I think of faith, I think of how it is so often placed upon a pedestal, like something that has to be earned or achieved through prayer or meditation. I believe the reality is that faith is not believing in something, it is simply trusting. Trust is a powerful tool that can snap with the most delicate brush of a hand. The two are interconnected and combined, like a vine growing up the trunk of a tree and blending into its branches.

When we use the word faith it is often an overlooked decision that is easily cast aside and forgotten, until we face a circumstance that leaves us clinging to it out of desperation. I like to look at faith calmly, for that is the true belief, is it not? Without the worry of where the faith comes from or where it belongs, the faith we hold within ourselves can be enough to make the mountains bow. Do you believe in what you are capable of? Are you holding enough space for yourself? I think that if everyone had just a little bit of faith within themselves it would bring so much of us closer together, and not farther apart.

Even so, as the sun sets today, I will put a little bit of trust and faith into tomorrow, and I will do my best to find some peace in where I am at this moment.

Tiffiny Rose Allen

IG: @dreamsinhiding.writing

Tiffiny Rose Allen is a writer, creator, and poet originally from the state of Florida. She began writing at an early age and self-published her first collection of poetry Leave The Dreaming To The Flowers in 2017. Her poetry is eclectic in portraying her views of the different aspects of life. When she is not somewhere writing, she is either creating something with her hands or working on anything and everything that excites her. Her work has been featured in numerous magazine and anthology publications, including The Elpis Pages, The Feminine Macabre, and Dreamer by Night Magazine. In 2022, she curated her very own anthology, titled Dreams In Hidng. Her poetry and short story collections can be found on Amazon. You can find more of her work on Instagram @dreamsinhiding.writing or on her website

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