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is it worth it?

I always used to wonder, why is it worth it? Is it even worth it? Life is so hard. Waking up, getting out of bed, trying to fight what I feel so strongly inside of me, and continuing on with my day where I am expected to pretend like nothing is wrong.

Why is it worth it?

If I feel like no one understands me, and no one truly cares, what am I fighting so hard every day for?

I used to wonder. I used to think about it all the time.

And then, my niece was born. And I got to witness the world through her little eyes.

And then, I met the love of my life.

And then, my grandmother sat me down and shared with me stories of her life and I heard about an entire new side of her that I had never met.

And then, I started volunteering.

And then, I started to learn.

If I had given in to that wondering all those years ago, I would never have met my niece, or the love of my life. I would never have met the side of grandmother that so closely mirrored who I am. I would never have had the opportunity to give my life to something greater in service of others. I would never have learned.

I would never have learned how much there is left in the days to come.

- by G

dedicated to R, thank you.

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