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Are you interested in submitting your work?

As we announce topics for our upcoming editions, we welcome all artists and creators of any kind to submit their work.

Requirements for written work:

  • Relevant to topic 

  • Refrain from using strongly explicit language

  • Refrain from using names of real people without permission

  • Must be100% original (no plagiarism) 

  • Less than 800 words (depending on the type of work)

​ Requirements for photography/art:

  • Relevant to topic

  • Refrain from strongly explicit images (strong violence, alcohol, drugs, or nudity)

  • Refrain from using images of people without permission

  • Must be 100% original (no plagiarism)

  • Include 1-2 sentences explaining piece's connection to the topic

​To submit your writing or art, please contact us via the contact form below or via DM on Instagram, and we will direct you further.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your work!

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